World of IT Solutions Inc., from the year 2004 to the present day has been serving thousands of customers with different products, and is in partnership with the most reliable and stable Zerosoft Inc. organisation as a foreign solutions partner.

In the Industry, T.V, and Radio sectors it has offered interactive solutions, multimedia software and later acclaimed by all the references that had been provided. Also, currently the company provides consulting services and support to related companies.

In the scope of corporate consultancy services, we are designing and developing all companies computing infrastructures. Security, WAN, LAN, System, SAN/NAS storage in their respective areas these topics are developed everyday with different security, operations and also to minimise the risks and costs for the understanding of professional services, these were created and included in our services.

Customers were given "Remote Access Support", "Phone Support", and "Onsite Response Support" with the options that are being used to interfere with the devices on the hardware, software, configuration, release, upgrade, update and implementation of patches, and so on.

Requests, demands, and problems related to the creation of a solution, also problems were resolved and customer satisfaction was achieved.

For SMEs a front accounting and general accounting, mobile software, production, technical service operations, CRM and B2B implementation, extended reporting, and analysis services is offered by our company. Firms or institutions; CEO, management assistant software and B2C web sites projects are also accomplished by our company.

Objectives/Targets; by creating a difference in the software industry, today it plays a powerful and effective role. It continues to work along with its foreign corporate restructuring process. We want to obtain strategic partnership with domestic or foreign capitals. Likewise want to be integrated into international software industry while importing and exporting software and also apply management approach required by the contemporary economy.

World of IT Solutions Inc. will show the necessary leadership qualities in the work done for the projects to succeed. With customers and suppliers will accomplish in each task or work all the ethical rules as done previously and also will have all the findings for the right solution for customers with a focus on the needs of the issues not the problem, will find a solution.

The company is aware of the instant technological and world conditions and changes and with the awareness of today's conditions will inform customers of the on-going changes, innovations and facilities.

World of IT Solutions Inc., is alert of its existence to give the best services to its customers, will provide the fast and best service, best product, and will provide in the fastest and cheapest way.