1. World of IT Solutions Inc. web collects information from guest visitors and registered users in order to make any kind of analysis. World of IT Solutions Inc. can share these data's with business partners. But e-mail and other personal information will not be used with no business partner, company, or other institutions without the user's permission to share.

2. World of IT Solutions Inc. registered and guest users information's such as e-mail, name, surname, telephone numbers and any information entered at the registration process the World of I.T. website does not publish.

3. World of IT Solutions Inc., if you have not provided information without your own consent, your personal information will not be collected. (for example name, telephone number, or e-mail address) "Personal information". If you do provide your personal information to World of IT Solutions Inc. then it is likely that World of IT Solutions Inc. will use such information in the future for, marketing, market research, tracking of sales data and will also use the information in order to contact you. If you provide your personal information without our request, the information will be used on the site as mentioned on the website with your approval.

4. World of IT Solutions Inc. will only open your personal information under legal conditions and legal procedures to specified three parties: a.) Legal authorities in case of a demand in this direction. b.) World of I.T. Solutions Limited to defend and protect ownership rights. c.) Within the framework of rules that you accept the conditions of use.

5. In the World of IT Solutions Inc. web, the registered personal information can only be viewed by you. The personal information will not in any way be on sale, rented or exchanged with another institution or organisation. In this "Privacy Policy" other than the clauses that have been set there will be no sharing between 3rd parties. World of IT Solutions Inc. takes all possible measures to commit to meet the condition in this agreement.

6. Information collected by World of IT Solutions Inc. is stored in a secure environment and is not open to general use. World of I.T. Solutions Limited protects information by using all kinds of industry standards. Despite this, cannot guarantee the security-related issues.

7. During the registration process the personal information entered will always update and making changes to your personal information will be your right.

8. The nature of the internet to browse through information on the internet without adequate security measures and they can be used by unauthorized persons. Damage arising from use of this World of I.T. website is not responsible for such causes.

9. In some cases, specific information about you may be collected. For this type of information, for example you can use internet browser, operating system, you may reach our site with link or with the advert you have reached to the websites domain name can be given.

10. When you visit the site information can be placed on your computer. This information, information token (cookie) will be in format or similar files will be in a document and will help us in several ways. For example, cookies, sites, and ads to your interests and preferences will be edited. Almost, all web browsers, deleted cookies from your hard drive, to avoid writing, or before it saves there is an alert message which you can receive there are options in which you do this. For more information regarding this, please refer to your browser's help files and your user information.

11. Your IP address will be used by our website and for our servers for the reason for it to be kept in constant operation, management and is also used to solve problems. IP address belonged to you will be used for identification purposes.

12. This Web site provides links to other websites. Privacy Assurance only applies in this Web Site, and does not cover other websites. From this Website with link to other websites and their user information such as the Privacy Assurance and Use of Conditions also apply. From this Web site you may link to other websites, this is case it is highly recommended that you find and read the other websites text of Privacy Assurance and Use of Conditions.

13. World of IT Solutions Inc. reserves the right to change any information in this text. By using this site you will be agreeing to "Privacy Security" with the all arrangement and changes that are made. If you do not confirm or accept the legal responsibilities in this text, do NOT use this web site.